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I'm Carol Trengereid, Business Growth & Mindset Coach

I'm your certified UK Level 6 and IAPCM accredited Mindset Coach and Course & Launch Strategist. I also bring 30+ years in the equestrian world, 20+ years in corporate, with a passion for mindset and growth.

Welcome to a space where understanding meets action.

If you're constantly wondering why important tasks are left undone, feeling stuck in your business, or doubting your ability despite your efforts, you're not alone.

The journey to personal and professional growth is often hindered by procrastination, overwhelm, lack of confidence, and comparing ourselves to others.

Here, we dive deep into these common challenges to unlock your potential and pave the way for success and fulfillment beyond comparison.

Clarity to Clients Accelerator - The MasterMind is OPEN!

A MasterMind where we focus on a 90 days cyclus, and where Mindset and Strategies goes hand in hand.

Accountabitlity and Implementation in a safe haven!

Limited spots for purpose driven women in business, ready to take action and get to their first (or consistent) $5k-$10k month/-s with weekly support!

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Unlock Your Course Creation Potential

Use My Course Creation Planner to Get Clarity on Your Niche, Map Out Your Course Details and Create a Course That Your Audience Will Love!

Why working with me

If you want to walk away with inspiration and ready to take action energy after sessions, you are in the right place!


Clients trust me, and often share their inner thoughts - I'm your safe haven! I'm here to support you, also on your rough days!

I have invested (and still do) $$$ for being on top of the game:

I am always investing in my own growth. It's important for me to keep learning, to keep growing as a coach.

Energy and Intuition: I bring my good energy and intuition to every session. My focus is all on you and helping you move forward, too see opportunities, in your business or in life.

Affordable support - for females in business!

Mastermind: Not a high-ticket version, but a version where you get weekly support together with other purpose driven females in business for only $147/month (3 months commitment only). This is not a course but a mastermind for accountability and implementation.

1:1 Support: Choose between single sessions of 30 or 60 minutes and monthly packages with support - all affordable for you, even if you are not yet reaching those consistent $5-$10k month!

Between $37-$397 depending on your choice of suppor

Wh you choose to work with me, you're not just investing in a coach. You're aligning with a dedicated partner who genuinely cares about your monumental success.

Together, we'll craft a future where your business doesn't just survive— it thrives! Where your mindset isn't just strong—it's unshakeable.

Let's co-create a journey that's as extraordinary as you are!

Let's connect!

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You can find my by searching for my name Carol Trengereid or click the links below.

If you want a free 15 min session or just chat with me before signing up for any of my offers, reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook


My Approach: A Symphony of Clarity and Empowerment

Client-Led, Solution-Focused: : Your goals set the stage, and my expertise conducts the orchestra.

Simplicity & Clarity: Think of it as your business blueprint, easy to read and ready to implement.

Trust & Real Connection: When you choose me, it's not just business; it's a partnership I honor deeply.

Tailored Support Just for You

No matter your coaching needs, I've got you covered!

1:1 Mindset & Business Clarity Coaching: Elevate your mindset and business acumen through personalized sessions

Clarity to Clients Accelerators - The MasterMind: A Mastermind Program for purpose driven females in business, ready to reach their first or consistent $5-10k month/-s in their online business. Weekly group support. Limited spots!

Your path to empowerment, clarity, and success starts right here!

Carol has been amazing to work with! She knows exactly what questions to ask and how to steer me in the right direction. She has really great ideas and is very knowledgeable, she is also really easy to talk to. I have left each session with more clarity, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend her!

- Joanna -


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