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How I can help you

1:1 Mindset Coaching| Business

Customized coaching experience tailored to your unique needs and goals:

  • Regular coaching calls to provide ongoing support and accountability.

  • Messenger/Voxer support between sessions

  • Personalized action plans to help you achieve your goals.

1:1 Business Foundation & Growth Coaching

  • 3 x 1:1 monthly coaching calls to provide support & accountability.

  • Messenger/Voxer Support in between sessions

  • Focus on growing your business with a solid foundation - Strategies - Mindset

  • (Ideal client, offer creation, audience growth, strategies for content, launching, selling, Mindset, AI).

Monthly Membership

The Divine Tech Hub

Unlock a world of AI and ChatGPT-enhanced resources, from on-demand trainings to templates.

  • Access to monthly tech group coaching calls

  • Access to on-demand trainings in portal

  • Private community for support and asking questions

  • Tech tips, hacks or features updates!

  • Monthly focus topics

    This is Tech Made Fun and Simple!!

  • Open for Founders Members

1:1 Business Brilliance

Breakthrough Session


"Business Brilliance Breakthrough Sessions" –

a perfect 1:1 one-off opportunity for new clients who are new to my coaching or not yet ready for a monthly commitment.

In this enlightening 60-minute online coaching session, we'll dive deep into your business goals and challenges.

Don't miss out on this chance to jumpstart your business brilliance!

Group Coaching -

EmpowerHer Mindset

Elevate Your Business Mindset

Join me and a group of female online business owners who wants accountability, a safe place to ask questions, focus on mindset.

I am a certified course and launch strategist & a certified mindset coach.

I have been working with my own mindset since I was a teenager, and supported many equestrians with mindset the last 25+ years (fears, limiting beliefs, self-worth, confidence)

You can join 1-3 calls (your choice)

for only $47/month

Maximum 20 spots in this group

Digital Products -

Check out my digital product shop page
Canva Template and More

  • If you need social media templates for your content, journals, planners, coaching sheets, e-books, Facebook covers and so much more - check out my new digital product shop page soon - it is soon ready to be released!!

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Build Your Dream Business - Your Way!

As a Business Growth & Clarity Coach, I'm not just passionate —

I'm committed to elevating female entrepreneurs like you.

Here's how we can make magic together:

Tailored Services for Your Unique Journey

1:1 Coaching: Personalized sessions to elevate your mindset and business strategies, all enhanced by AI and ChatGPT.

Group Programs: Dive into a community-driven experience that's a blend of business acumen and mindset elevation.Memberships: Unlock a treasure trove of AI-powered resources, templates, and on-demand trainings.

Specialized Expertise

Course & Launch Strategy: Ready to monetize your brilliance? I'll guide you in creating and launching courses that aren't just profitable—they're revolutionary.

Business Foundation: Let's lay down the bricks of a resilient business, fortified by tech and AI solutions.

Mindset & Strategy

Clarity & Focus: Struggling to connect the dots? I'll help you craft strategies that not only grow your audience but make you a magnet for opportunities.

Success Mindset: Your mindset isn't just a part of the game; it's the game-changer. Let's cultivate yours to be unshakeable.

Your Success, My Commitment

No matter where you are in your journey or which service you opt for, know this: I'm in your corner.

With personalized support and AI-enhanced guidance, your path to success just got a whole lot smoother.

Ready to turn those dreams into your everyday reality?

Let's co-create the life and business you've always envisioned!

1:1 Mindset for Business Coaching

1:1 Mindset Coaching: Elevate Your Business Through Empowered Thinking!

My 1:1 Mindset Coaching is laser-focused on:

Business Growth Mindset: Cultivate a mindset that naturally attracts success and expansion.

Limitless Belief System: Replace limiting beliefs with empowering convictions that propel you forward.

Unshakable Confidence: Build a self-assured presence that magnetizes opportunities.

Action Over Procrastination: Turn hesitation into decisive action, every single time.

Clarity Overwhelms Chaos: Learn strategies to navigate through business complexities with ease.

This is more than just coaching; it's your pathway to a thriving business and a balanced life.

1:1 Business Clarity & Growth

1:1 Business Foundation & Growth Coaching: Your Tech-Savvy Path to Success

Ready to elevate your business but feel overwhelmed by the tech and strategy?

In this 3-month transformative journey, we'll focus on:

Solid Foundations: Establish a rock-solid business structure that's primed for growth.

AI-Enhanced Offers: Leverage AI tools to refine your offerings and reach your ideal clients.

Audience Amplification: Utilize ChatGPT and other AI technologies to grow and engage your audience.

Course Creation: Seamlessly integrate tech to design and launch impactful online courses.

Content Strategy: Employ AI-driven insights to create resonating content.

Effortless Launching: Master the art of launching with tech-enabled strategies.

Mindset Makeover: Cultivate a success mindset that makes every challenge manageable.

This package is designed for a minimum commitment of 3 months to ensure you experience comprehensive growth, both in mindset and business acumen.

Let's blend technology and strategy to skyrocket your business!

The Divine Tech Hub

Monthly Membership full packed with value!

🌟 Join The Divine Tech Hub and fast-track your success!

Leave the tech overwhelm behind by learning simplified AI, Strategies and Mindset Magic!

My membership is designed to offer ongoing support and guidance to female coaches and course creators (service providers are welcome too)

As a member, you'll have access to a variety of resources, including group coaching calls, masterclasses, and exclusive content.

Carol has been amazing to work with! She knows exactly what questions to ask and how to steer me in the right direction. She has really great ideas and is very knowledgeable, she is also really easy to talk to. I have left each session with more clarity, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend her!



Unlock Your Course Creation Potential

Use My Course Creation Planner to Get Clarity on Your Niche, Map Out Your Course Details and Create a Course That Your Audience Will Love


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